3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Remote WX Configuration 49
8 Save the configuration changes.
WXR100-aabbcc# save config
Remote WX
You can use 3Com Wireless Switch Manager Services running in your
corporate network to configure WX switches in remote offices. The
following remote configuration scenarios are supported:
Drop ship—3Com Wireless Switch Manager Services running in the
corporate network can configure a WXR100 switch shipped directly to
a remote office. This option does not require any preconfiguration of
the switch.
Staged—You can stage any model of switch by preconfiguring IP
connectivity and enabling auto-config, then sending the switch to the
remote office. The switch contacts 3Com Wireless Switch Manager
Services in the corporate network to complete its configuration.
The drop ship option is supported only for the WXR100. The staged
option is supported for all switch models. Both options require 3Com
Wireless Switch Manager Services.
(For more information, see the “Configuring WX Switches Remotely”
chapter in the Wireless Switch Manager Reference Manual.
Opening the
Network Plan in
3Com Wireless
Switch Manager
3Com Wireless Switch Manager comes with two sample network plans:
QuickStart—Contains a two-floor building with two WX switches and
two MAPs on each switch. Each switch and its MAPs provide coverage
for a floor. The 3Com equipment is configured to provide both clear
(unencrypted) and secure (802.1X) wireless access.
StarterKit—Contains a simple rectangle as a floor plan, but with one
WX switch and four MAPs. You can modify this plan to deploy the
3Com starter kit (STR-B-xx).
The QuickStart network plan contains a configuration similar to the one
created by the CLI quickstart example in “Quickstart Example” on
page 46. The plan differs from the sample configuration by using
separate VLANs for WX management traffic, corporate users, and guest
users. Otherwise, the configuration is the same.