3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying RF Auto-Tuning Information 319
To verify the static settings, use the display {ap | dap} config command.
To save the locked down settings, you must save the switch’s configuration.
The following commands lock down the channel and power settings for
radios in radio profile rp2:
WX1200# set radio-profile rp2 auto-tune channel-lockdown
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set radio-profile rp2 auto-tune power-lockdown
success: change accepted.
RF Auto-Tuning
You can display the RF Auto-Tuning configuration, a list of RF neighbors,
and the values of RF attributes.
(For information about the fields in the output, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
RF Auto-Tuning
To display the RF Auto-Tuning settings that you can configure in a radio
profile, use the following command:
display radio-profile {name | ?}
Entering display radio-profile ? displays a list of radio profiles.
To display the RF Auto-Tuning and other settings in the default radio
profile, type the following command:
WX# display radio-profile default
Beacon Interval: 100 DTIM Interval: 1
Max Tx Lifetime: 2000 Max Rx Lifetime: 2000
RTS Threshold: 2346 Frag Threshold: 2346
Long Preamble: no Tune Channel: yes
Tune Channel Range (11a): lower-bands Ignore Clients: no
Tune Power: no Tune Channel Interval: 3600
Tune Power Interval: 600 Power ramp interval: 60
Channel Holddown: 300 Countermeasures: none
Active-Scan: yes RFID enabled: no
WMM Powersave: no QoS Mode: wmm
Rate Enforcement: no Initial Load: 1000
ETT Link Factor: 3 Change Threshold: 25
Dwell Time: 3600 Probe Interval: 60
Intial Measur Interval: 60 Maximum Measure Interval: 600
Radio Link Timeout: 5