3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Capturing System Information and Sending it to Technical Support 645
Capturing System
Information and
Sending it to
Technical Support
If you need help from 3Com Technical Support to diagnose a system
problem, you can make troubleshooting the problem easier by providing
the following:
display tech-support output
Core files
Debug messages
Description of the symptoms and network conditions when the
problem occurred
The following sections show how to gather system information and send
it to TAC.
The display
The display tech-support command combines a group of display
commands to provide an in-depth snapshot of the status of the WX
switch. The output displays details about the system image and
configuration used after the last reboot, the version, ports, AAA settings,
and other configuration values, and the last 100 log messages.
To save the output in a file to send to 3Com, use the following syntax:
display tech-support [file [subdirname/]filename]
The following command saves the output in a file named fortechsupport
and copies the file to a TFTP server.
WX1200# display tech-support file fortechsupport
success: results saved to fortechsupport.gz
WX1200# copy fortechsupport.gz tftp://
success: sent 8259 bytes in 0.246 seconds [ 33573 bytes/sec]
success: copy complete.