3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring and Managing Time Parameters 127
Statically Configuring
the System Time and
To statically configure the system time and date, use the following
set timedate {date mmm dd yyyy [time hh:mm:ss]}
The day of week is automatically calculated from the day you set.
To set the date to February 29, 2004 and time to 23:58:
WX1200# set timedate date feb 29 2004 time 23:58:00
Time now is: Sun Feb 29 2004, 23:58:02 PST
The CLI makes the time change, then displays the current system time
based on the change. (The time displayed might be slightly later than the
time you enter due to the interval between when you press Enter and
when the CLI reads and displays the new time and date.)
Displaying the Time
and Date
To display the time and date, use the following command:
display timedate
For example:
WX1200# display timedate
Sun Feb 29 2004, 23:58:02 PST
Configuring and
Managing NTP
The Network Time Protocol (NTP) allows a networking device to
synchronize its system time and date with the time and date on an NTP
server. When used on multiple devices, NTP ensures that the time and
date are consistent among those devices.
The NTP implementation in MSS is based on RFC 1305, Network Time
Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implementation and Analysis.
You can configure a WX switch to consult up to three NTP servers. The
switch compares the results from the servers and selects the best
response. (For information, see RFC 1305.)
After you enable the NTP client and configure NTP servers, MSS queries
the NTP servers for an update every 64 seconds and waits 15 seconds for
a reply. If the switch does not receive a reply to an NTP query within 15
seconds, the switch tries again up to 16 times. You can change the
update interval but not the timeout or number of retries.