3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Using display Commands 635
Using display
To troubleshoot the WX switch, you can use display commands to
display information about different areas of the MSS. The following
commands can provide helpful information if you are experiencing MSS
performance issues.
Viewing VLAN
To view interface information for VLANs, type the following command:
WX1200# display interface
VLAN Name Address Mask Enabled State
---- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------- -----
1 default NO Down
130 vlan-eng YES Up
190 vlan-wep YES Up
4094 web-aaa YES Up
(For more information about VLAN interfaces, see “Configuring and
Managing VLANs” on page 87.)
Viewing AAA Session
To view AAA session statistics, type the following command:
WX1200# display aaa
Default Values
authport=1812 acctport=1813 timeout=5 acct-timeout=5
retrans=3 deadtime=5 key=(null) author-pass=(null)
Radius Servers
Server Addr Ports T/o Tries Dead State
SQA2BServer 1812 1813 5 3 5 UP
SideShow 1812 1813 5 3 0 UP
Server groups
sg1: SideShow
SQA: SQA2BServer
set authentication dot1x *@xmpl.com pass-through sg1
set authentication dot1x *@xmpl.com pass-through SQA
set authentication dot1x EXAMPLE\* peap-mschapv2 sg1
user sqa
password = 08325d4f (encrypted)
session-timeout = 3600
mac-user 00:00:a6:47:ad:03
session-timeout = 3600
vlan-name = vlan-wep
mac-user 00:00:65:16:0d:69
session-timeout = 3600
vlan-name = vlan-eng