3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

domain policy A collection of configuration settings that you can define once in 3Com
Wireless Switch Manager (3WXM) and apply to many Wireless Switches
(WXs). Each Mobility Domain group in the network has a default
domain policy that applies to every WX switch in the Mobility Domain.
See also Policy Manager.
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm. The public-key algorithm used to sign
X.509 certificates.
DSSS Direct-sequence spread-spectrum. One of two types of spread-spectrum
radio technology used in wireless LAN (WLAN) transmissions. To
increase a data signal’s resistance to interference, the signal at the
sending station is combined with a higher-rate bit sequence that
spreads the user data in frequency by a factor equal to the spreading
ratio. Compare FHSS.
DTIM Delivery traffic indication map. A special type of traffic indication map
(TIM) element in a beacon frame that occurs only when a station in a
basic service set (BSS) is in power-save mode. A DTIM indicates that any
buffered broadcast or multicast frames are immediately transmitted by
an access point (AP).
DXF format A tagged data representation, in ASCII format, of the information
contained in an AutoCAD drawing file.
A redundant, resilient connection between a Managed Access Point
(MAP) and two or more Wireless Switches (WXs). The connection can
consist of two or more distributed links through an intermediate
Layer 2 or Layer 3 network.
After changing its active link, the access point reboots and loads new
configuration information to ensure proper configuration and security.
Mobility Domain services are temporarily disrupted by the link change.
Dual-homed connections are not required but are recommended. See
also bias.
Dynamic Host