3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Table 51 WX Setup Problems and Remedies
Symptom Diagnosis Remedy
3Com Wireless
Switch Manager or a
web browser (if you
are using Web
Manager) warns that
the WX switch’s
certificate date is
The switch’s time and date
are currently incorrect, or
were incorrect when you
generated the self-signed
certificate or certificate
1 Use set timezone to set
the time zone in which
you are operating the
switch. (See “Setting the
Time Zone” on page 125.)
2 Use set timedate to
configure the current time
and date in that time
zone. (See “Statically
Configuring the System
Time and Date” on
page 127.)
3 Reconfigure the
certificate(s). (See
Chapter 20, “Managing
Keys and Certificates,” on
page 413.)
4 If you have already
configured a certificate on
the switch for
authentication by
network users, you must
recreate this certificate,
WX switch does not
accept configuration
information for a
MAP or a radio.
The country code might not
be set or might be set for
another country.
1 Type the display system
command to display the
country code configured
on the switch.
2 If the value in the System
Countrycode field is
NONE or is for a country
other than the one in
which you are operating
the switch, use the set
system countrycode
command to configure
the correct country code.
(See “Specifying the
Country of Operation” on
page 213.)