3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

enabled access Permission to use all Mobility System Software (MSS) command-line
interface (CLI) commands required for configuration and
troubleshooting. Enabled access requires a separate enable password.
Compare restricted access.
encryption Any procedure used in cryptography to translate data into a form that
can be read by only its intended receiver. An encrypted signal must be
decrypted to be read. See also cryptography.
ESS Extended service set. A logical connection of multiple basic service sets
(BSSs) connected to the same network. Roaming within an ESS is
guaranteed by the 3Com Mobility System.
Ethernet II The original Ethernet specification produced by Digital, Intel, and Xerox
(DIX) that served as the basis of the IEEE 802.3 standard.
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute. A nonprofit
organization that establishes telecommunications and radio standards
for Europe.
Standards Institute
extended service set See ESS.
See EAP.
Extensible Markup
See XML.
failover In a redundant system, an operation by which a standby (or secondary)
system component automatically takes over the functions of an active
(or primary) system component when the active component fails or is
temporarily shut down or removed for servicing. During and after
failover, the system continues its normal operations with little or no
interruption in service.
FCC Federal Communications Commission. The United States’ governing
body for telecommunications, radio, television, cable, and satellite