3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring WLAN Mesh Services 275
Configuring the
Mesh AP
Before a Mesh AP can be installed in a location untethered from the
network, it
must be preconfigured for mesh services, including the
mesh services SSID, and the pre-shared key that is used for
establishing the connection between the Mesh AP and the Mesh
Portal AP.
1 Attach the MAP to your network, apply power, and allow the MAP to
boot as a
regular MAP.
2 Once the MAP has booted, use the following command to enable mesh
on the MAP.
set ap num boot-configuration mesh mode {enable | disable}
3 Use the following command to specify the pre-shared key:
set ap num boot-configuration mesh {psk-phrase pass-phrase |
psk-raw raw-pass}
When a pass-phrase is specified, it is converted into a raw hexadecimal
key and stored in the MAP boot configuration.
4 Use the following command to specify the mesh services SSID:
set ap num boot-configuration mesh ssid mesh-ssid
When the MAP is booted, and it determines that it has no Ethernet link to
the network, it then associates with the specified mesh-ssid.
Note that when the mesh-ssid is specified, the regulatory domain of the
WX and the power restrictions are copied to the MAP flash memory. This
prevents the Mesh AP from operating outside of regulatory limits after it
is booted and before it receives its complete configuration from the WX
Consequently, it is important that the regulatory and antenna information
specified on the WX switch actually reflects the locale where the Mesh
AP is deployed, in order to avoid regulatory violations.