3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Type the following command to reset the retransmission interval to the
5-second default:
WX1200# clear dot1x tx-period
success: change accepted.
Managing WEP Keys Wired-Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is part of the system security of 802.1X.
MSS uses WEP to provide confidentiality to packets as they are sent over
the air. WEP operates on the MAP.
WEP uses a secret key shared between the communicators. WEP rekeying
increases the security of the network. New unicast keys are generated
every time a client performs 802.1X authentication.
The rekeying process can be performed automatically on a periodic basis.
By setting the Session-Timeout RADIUS attribute, you make the
reauthentication transparent to the client, who is unaware that
reauthentication is occurring. A good value for Session-Timeout is
30 minutes.
WEP broadcast rekeying causes the broadcast and multicast keys for WEP
to be rotated every WEP rekey period for each radio to each connected
VLAN. The WX switch generates the new broadcast and multicast keys
and pushes the keys to the clients via EAPoL key messages. WEP keys are
Use the set dot1x wep-rekey and the set dot1x wep-rekey-period
commands to enable WEP key rotation and configure the time interval for
WEP key rotation.
Configuring 802.1X WEP Rekeying
WEP rekeying is enabled by default on the WX switch. Disable WEP
rekeying only if you need to debug your 802.1X network.
Use the following command to disable WEP rekeying for broadcast and
multicast keys:
WX1200# set dot1x wep-rekey disable
success: wep rekeying disabled
Reauthentication is not required for using this command. Broadcast and
multicast keys are always rotated at the same time, so all members of a
given radio and VLAN receive the new keys at the same time.