3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Enabling U-APSD Support 342
Configuring Call Admission Control 343
Configuring Static CoS 343
Changing CoS Mappings 344
Using the Client’s DSCP Value to Classify QoS Level 344
Enabling Broadcast Control 345
Displaying QoS Information 345
Displaying a Radio Profile’s QoS Settings 345
Displaying a Service Profile’s QoS Settings 346
Displaying CoS Mappings 347
Displaying the DSCP Table 349
Displaying MAP Forwarding Queue Statistics 349
Overview 351
Enabling the Spanning Tree Protocol 352
Changing Standard Spanning Tree Parameters 352
Bridge Priority 352
Port Cost 353
Port Priority 353
Changing the Bridge Priority 353
Changing STP Port Parameters 354
Changing Spanning Tree Timers 357
Configuring and Managing STP Fast Convergence Features 358
Configuring Port Fast Convergence 359
Displaying Port Fast Convergence Information 360
Configuring Backbone Fast Convergence 360
Displaying the Backbone Fast Convergence State 360
Configuring Uplink Fast Convergence 361
Displaying Uplink Fast Convergence Information 361
Displaying Spanning Tree Information 361
Displaying STP Bridge and Port Information 361
Displaying the STP Port Cost on a VLAN Basis 362
Displaying Blocked STP Ports 363
Displaying Spanning Tree Statistics 363
Clearing STP Statistics 365
Spanning Tree Configuration Scenario 365