3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

You can select either start-stop or stop-only accounting modes. The
stop-only mode sends only stop records, whereas start-stop sends both
start and stop records, effectively doubling the number of accounting
records. In most cases, stop-only is entirely adequate for administrative
accounting, because a stop record contains all the information you might
need about a session.
In the set accounting command, you must include AAA methods that
specify whether to use the local database or RADIUS server to receive the
accounting records. Specify local, which causes the processing to be
done on the WX switch, or specify a RADIUS server group. For
information about configuring a RADIUS server group, see “Configuring
RADIUS Server Groups” on page 524.
For example, you can set accounting for administrative users using the
start-stop mode via the local database:
WX1200# set accounting admin EXAMPLE\* start-stop local
success: change accepted.
The accounting records show the date and time of activity, the user’s
status and name, and other attributes. The display accounting
statistics command displays accounting records for administrative users
after they have logged in to the WX switch.
(For information about network user accounting, see “Configuring
Accounting for Wireless Network Users” on page 504. For information
and an output example for the display accounting statistics command,
see the Wireless LAN Switch and Controller Command Reference.)