3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring Passwords 67
Enabling Password
To activate password restrictions for network and administrative users,
use the
following command:
set authentication password-restrict {enable | disable}
When this command is enabled, the following password restrictions take
Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters in length, and a
mix of
uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special
characters, including at least two of each (for example, Tre%Pag32!).
A user cannot reuse any of his or her 10 previous passwords (not
applicable to
network users).
When a user changes his or her password, at least 4 characters
must be
different from the previous password.
The password restrictions are disabled by default. When you enable
them, MSS evaluates the passwords configured on the WX and
displays a list of users whose password does not meet the restriction
on length and character types.
For example, to enable password restrictions on the WX switch, type the
following command:
WX# set authentication password-restrict enable
warning: the following users have passwords that do not have
at least 2 each of upper-case letters, lower-case letters,
numbers and special characters -
success: change accepted.
Setting the Maximum
Number of Login
To specify the maximum number of login attempts users can make before
being locked out of the system, use the following command:
set authentication max-attempts number
For Telnet or SSH sessions, a maximum of 4 failed login attempts are
allowed by default. For console or network sessions, an unlimited number
of failed login attempts are allowed by default.