3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying RF Load Balancing Information 271
Exempting an SSID
from RF Load
By default, RF load balancing is applied to client sessions for all SSIDs. To
specifically exempt an SSID from load balancing, use the following command:
set service-profile service-profile-name
load-balancing-exempt {enable | disable}
Exempting a service profile from RF load balancing means that even if a
MAP radio is attempting to steer clients away, it does not reduce or
conceal the availability of the SSID named in the exempted service profile.
Even if a radio is withholding probe responses to manage its load, the
radio does respond to probes for an exempt SSID. Also, if a MAP radio is
withholding probe responses, and a client probes for any SSID, and the
radio has at least one exempt SSID, the radio responds to the probe, but
the response reveals only the exempt SSID(s).
Displaying RF Load
The display load-balancing group command displays a load balancing
group member radios and current load for each radio. For example:
WX# display load-balancing group ap 2 radio 1
Radios in the same load-balancing group as: ap2/radio1
WX IP address Port Radio Overlap
------------------ ----- -------
For more information about the syntax, see the “MAP Commands”
chapter of the Wireless LAN Switch and Controller Command Reference.