3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 229
The MAP loads its local image only if the WX is running MSS Version 5.0
or later and does not have a newer MAP image than the one in the
MAP’s local storage. If the switch is not running MSS Version 5.0 or later,
or the WX has a newer version of the MAP image than the version in the
MAP’s local storage, the MAP loads its image from the WX.
The forced image download option is not applicable to MAP models
MP-52, MP-101, and MP-122.
Enabling LED Blink Mode
When blink mode is enabled on an AP2750, the 11a LED blinks on and
off. By default, LED blink mode is disabled. If enabled, blink mode
continues until you disable it.
When blink mode is enabled on an AP7250, the Radio LED flashes red
and the Power LED flashes green/orange. The Ethernet LED does not
Changing the LED blink mode does not alter operation of the MAP. Only
the behavior of the LEDs is affected.
To enable or disable LED blink mode, use the following command:
set ap apnumber blink {enable | disable}
Configuring MAP-WX
MSS provides security for management traffic between WX switches and
Distributed MAPs. When the feature is enabled, all management traffic
between Distributed MAPs that support encryption and the WX is
encrypted. MAP-WX security is set to optional by default.
The encryption uses RSA as the public key crypto system, with AES-CCM
for data encryption and integrity checking and HMAC-MD5 for keyed
hashing and message authentication during the key exchange. Bulk data
protection is provided by AES in CCM mode (AES CTR for encryption and
AES-CBC-MAC for data integrity). A 64-bit Message Authentication Code
is used for data integrity
This feature applies to Distributed MAPs only, not to directly connected
MAPs configured on MAP access ports.