3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 239
Responding to keepalive messages requires power use by a client. If you
need to conserve power on the client (for example, on a VoIP handset),
you can disable idle-client probing.
To disable or reenable idle-client probing, use the following command:
set service-profile name idle-client-probing {enable |
The following command disables idle-client probing on service profile
WX1200# set service-profile sp1 idle-client-probing disable
success: change accepted.
Changing the User Idle Timeout
The user idle timeout specifies the number of seconds a client can remain
idle before the WX changes the client’s session to the Disassociated state.
A client is considered to be idle if it does not send data and does not
respond to idle-client probes. You can specify a timeout value from 20 to
86400 seconds. The default is 180 seconds (3 minutes). To disable the
user-idle timeout, set it to 0.
To change the user-idle timeout, use the following command:
set service-profile name user-idle-timeout seconds
The following command increases the user idle timeout to 360 seconds
(6 minutes):
WX1200# set service-profile sp1 user-idle-timeout 360
success: change accepted.
Changing the Short Retry Threshold
The short retry threshold specifies the number of times a radio can send a
short unicast frame for an SSID without receiving an acknowledgment for
the frame. A short unicast frame is a frame that is shorter than the RTS
To change the short retry threshold, use the following command:
set service-profile name short-retry threshold
The threshold can be a value from 1 through 15. The default is 5.