3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Sygate On-Demand (SODA) is an endpoint security solution that allows
enterprises to enforce security policies on client devices without having to
install any special software on the client machines. MSS can be
configured to run SODA security checks on users’ machines as a
requirement for gaining access to the network.
About SODA
Endpoint Security
The SODA endpoint security solution consists of six modules that provide
on-demand security:
Virtual Desktop – Protects confidential data by virtualizing the
desktop, applications, file-system, registry, printing, removable media,
and copy/paste functions. All data is encrypted on-the-fly and can
optionally be erased upon session termination. The virtual desktop is
isolated from the normal desktop, protecting the session from
previous infection.
Host Integrity – Tests the security of the desktop to determine how
much access to network resources the device should be granted. Host
integrity checks include:
Ensuring that an anti-virus product is running with up-to-date virus
Ensuring that a personal firewall is active
Checking that service pack levels are met
Ensuring that critical patches are installed
Custom checks can be implemented based on the existence of specific
registry keys/values, applications, files, or operating system platforms.
Network access can also be prevented based on the existence of
specific processes.