3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

MAP Overview 179
You do not need to set channels and power if you use RF Auto-Tuning to
set these values. You do not need to specify an external antenna type
unless a radio uses an external antenna.
However, if you do install an external antenna, you must ensure that the
external antenna model parameter you specify exactly matches the
external antenna that is attached to the MAP’s external antenna port, in
order to meet regulatory requirements.
Configure SSID and encryption settings in a service profile.
Map the service profile to a radio profile, assign the radio profile to
radios, and enable the radios.
Country of Operation Before you can configure MAPs and radio parameters, you must specify the
country in which you plan to operate the radios. Since each country has
different regulatory environments, the country code determines the transmit
power levels and channels you can configure on the radios. MSS ensures that
the values you can configure are valid for the country you specify.
Directly Connected
MAPs and Distributed
To configure the WX switch to support a MAP, you must first determine
how the MAP connects to the switch. There are two types of MAP to WX
connections: direct and distributed.
In direct connection, a MAP connects to a 10/100 port on a WX1200 or
WXR100. The WX port is then configured specifically for a direct
attachment to the MAP. There is no intermediate networking equipment
between the WX and MAP and only one MAP is connected to the WX
port. The WX 10/100 port provides PoE to the MAP. The WX also
forwards data only to and from the configured MAP on that port. The
port numbers on the WX configured for directly attached MAPs reference
a particular MAP.
A MAP that is not directly connected to a WX is considered a
Distributed MAP. There may be intermediate Layer 2 switches or Layer
3 IP routers between the WX and MAP. The WX may communicate to
the Distributed MAP through any network port. (A network port is any
port connecting the switch to other networking devices, such as
switches and routers, and it can also be configured for 802.1Q VLAN
tagging.) The WX contains a configuration for a Distributed MAP
based on the MAP serial number.