3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

The disconnected MAP can then begin the boot process again to find
another WX switch that has an Auto-AP profile. When the MAP is
disconnected, the MAP clients experience a service disruption, and will
attempt to associate with another MAP if available to reconnect to the
SSID they were using. If another MAP is not available to a client, the client
can still reconnect after the disconnected MAP is connected to a new WX
and finishes the boot and configuration process.
Configuring an Auto-AP Profile
The Auto-AP profile for Distributed MAP configuration is like an
individual MAP configuration, except the configuration has the name
auto instead of a Distributed MAP number.
To create an Auto-AP profile for automatic Distributed MAP
configuration, type the following command:
WX1200# set ap auto
success: change accepted.
To display the MAP settings in the Auto-AP profile, type the following
WX1200# display ap <apnum> config auto
Dap auto: mode: disabled bias: high
boot-download-enable: YES
force-image-download: NO
Radio 1: type: 802.11g, mode: enabled, channel: dynamic
tx pwr: 15, profile: default
auto-tune max-power: default
Radio 2: type: 802.11a, mode: enabled, channel: dynamic
tx pwr: 11, profile: default
auto-tune max-power: default
This example shows the defaults for the MAP parameters you can
configure in the Auto-AP profile. Table 16 lists the configurable Auto-AP
profile parameters and their defaults. The only parameter that requires
configuration is the Auto-AP profile mode. The Auto-AP profile is
disabled by default. To use the Auto-AP profile to configure Distributed
MAPs, you must enable the profile. (See “Enabling the Auto-AP Profile”
on page 222.)