3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 245
The default preamble length value is short. This command does not
apply to 802.11a radios.
To change the preamble length advertised by 802.11b/g radios, use the
following command:
set radio-profile name preamble-length {long | short}
To configure 802.11b/g radios that use the radio profile rp_long to
advertise support for long preambles instead of short preambles, type the
following command:
WX1200# set radio-profile rp_long preamble-length long
success: change accepted.
Resetting a Radio Profile Parameter to its Default Value
To reset a radio profile parameter to its default value, use the following
clear radio-profile name parameter
The parameter can be one of the radio profile parameters listed in
Table 12 on page 209.
Make sure you specify the radio profile parameter you want to reset. If
you do not specify a parameter, MSS deletes the entire profile from the
All radios that use this profile must be disabled before you can delete the
profile. If you specify a parameter, the setting for the parameter is reset
to its default value. The settings of the other parameters are unchanged
and the radio profile remains in the configuration. If you do not specify a
parameter, the entire radio profile is deleted from the configuration.
To disable the radios that are using radio profile rp1 and reset the
beaconed-ssid parameter to its default value, type the following
WX1200# set radio-profile rp1 mode disable
WX1200# clear radio-profile rp1 beaconed-ssid
success: change accepted.
Removing a Radio Profile
To remove a radio profile, use the following command:
clear radio-profile name