3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring RADIUS Servers 523
For example, the following command resets the dead-time timer to
0 minutes on all RADIUS servers in the WX configuration:
WX1200# clear radius deadtime
success: change accepted.
Setting the System IP
Address as the Source
By default, RADIUS packets leaving the WX switch have the source IP
address of the outbound interface on the switch. This source address can
change when routing conditions change. If you have set a system IP
address for the WX switch, you can use it as a permanent source address
for the RADIUS packets sent by the switch.
To set the WX system IP address as the address of the RADIUS client, type
the following command:
WX1200# set radius client system-ip
success: change accepted.
To remove the WX switch’s system IP address from use as the source
address in RADIUS client requests from the switch to its RADIUS server(s),
type the following command:
WX1200# clear radius client system-ip
success: change accepted.
The command causes the WX to select a source interface address based
on information in its routing table as the RADIUS client address.
Individual RADIUS
You must set up a name and IP address for each RADIUS server. To
configure a RADIUS server, use the following command:
set radius server server-name [address ip-address]
[key string]
The server name must be unique for this RADIUS server on this WX switch.
Do not use the same name for a RADIUS server and a RADIUS server group.
The key (password) string is the shared secret that the WX switch uses to
authenticate itself to the RADIUS server. (For additional options, see the
Wireless LAN Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
For example, the following command names a RADIUS server rs1 with the
IP address and the key testing123:
WX1200# set radius server rs1 address key
success: change accepted.