3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

The MAP continues to operate without interruption after you enter the
set ap auto persistent command. The next time the MAP is restarted,
the Auto-AP profile is not used to configure the MAP. Instead, the
persistent configuration is used. (Use the save config command to make
the MAP configuration persistent across switch restarts.)
Configuring MAP Port
To configure a WX to connect to a MAP, see “Configuring a MAP” on
page 224.
Optionally, you also can change other parameters that affect the entire
MAP name. (See “Changing MAP Names” on page 227.)
Dual-home bias. (See “Changing Bias” on page 227.)
Automatic firmware upgrade capability. (See “Disabling or Reenabling
Automatic Firmware Upgrades” on page 228.)
LED blink mode. (See “Enabling LED Blink Mode” on page 229.)
(For information about configuring RF Auto-Tuning settings on a radio,
see Chapter 14, “Configuring RF Auto-Tuning,” on page 311.)
Table 17 lists how many MAPs you can configure on a WX switch, and
how many MAPs a switch can boot. The numbers are for directly
connected and Distributed MAPs combined.
Configuring a MAP
Configure the MAP using the following command:
set ap apnumber serial-id serial-ID
model {2330 | 2330A | AP2750 | AP3750 | mp-52 | mp-241 |
mp-252 | mp-262 | mp-341 | mp-352 | mp-372 | mp-372-CN |
mp-372-JP | mp-422 | mp-620} [radiotype {11a | 11b | 11g}]
Table 17 Configurable and Bootable MAPs per WX Switch
WX Switch Model Maximum Configured Maximum Booted
WX4400 300 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 depending
on the license.
WX2200 320 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120, depending
on the license.
WX1200 30 12
WXR100 8 3