3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring a
Mobility Domain
The WX switches in a Mobility Domain use their system IP address for
Mobility Domain communication. To support the services of the Mobility
Domain, the system IP address of every WX switch requires basic IP
connectivity to the system IP address of every other WX switch. (For
information about setting the system IP address for the WX switch, see
“Configuring the System IP Address” on page 108.)
To create a Mobility Domain:
1 Designate a seed WX switch. (See “Configuring the Seed” on page 154.)
2 Create a list of the member WX switches. (See “Configuring Member WX
Switches on the Seed” on page 155.)
3 Configure each member WX switch to point to the seed. (See
“Configuring a Member” on page 155.)
4 Optionally configure a redundant seed WX switch. (See “Configuring a
Member” on page 155
You can view the status and configuration of a Mobility Domain, clear
members, and clear all Mobility Domain configuration from a WX switch.
Configuring the Seed You must explicitly configure only one WX switch per domain as the
primary seed. All other WX switches in the domain receive their Mobility
Domain information from the seed.
Use the following command to set the current WX switch as the seed
device and name the Mobility Domain:
set mobility-domain mode seed domain-name mob-domain-name
For example, the following command sets the current WX switch as the
seed and names the Mobility Domain Pleasanton:
WX1200# set mobility-domain mode seed domain-name Marlborough
success: change accepted.
The Mobility Domain name is assigned to the seed WX switch only. The
WX switch system IP address is used as the source IP address for all
Mobility Domain communications. If the system IP address is not set, MSS
issues a warning when you enter the set mobility-domain mode seed
domain-name command, to inform you that the Mobility Domain is not
operational until the system IP is set.