3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

About the Session
A session is a related set of communication transactions between an
authenticated user (client) and the specific station to which the client is
bound. Packets are exchanged during a session. A WX switch supports
the following kinds of sessions:
Administrative sessions — A network administrator managing the
Network sessions — A network user exchanging traffic with a
network through the WX
The WX session manager manages the sessions for each client, but does
not examine the substance of the traffic.
Clearing (ending) a session deauthenticates the administrator or user
from the session and disassociates wireless clients.
Displaying and
To display session information and statistics for a user with administrative
access to the WX switch, use the following command:
display sessions {admin | console | telnet [client]}
You can view all administrative sessions, or only the sessions of
administrators with access to the WX through a Telnet or SSH connection
or the console port. You can also display information about administrative
Telnet sessions from remote clients.
To clear administrative sessions, use the following command:
clear sessions {admin | console | telnet
[client [session-id]]}
CAUTION: Clearing administrative sessions might cause your session to
be cleared.