3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Web Quick Start (WXR100, WX1200 and WX2200 Only) 41
Web Quick Start
To use the Web Quick Start, you need the following:
AC power source for the switch
PC with an Ethernet port that you can connect directly to the switch
Category 5 (Cat 5) or higher Ethernet cable
If the PC is connected to the network, power down the PC or disable its
network interface card (NIC), then unplug the PC from the network.
You can use a Layer 2 device between the switch and the PC. However,
do not attach the switch to your network yet. The switch requires the PC
you attach to it for configuration to be in the 192.168.100.x subnet, and
uses the MSS DHCP server to assign the PC an address from this subnet. If
you attach the unconfigured switch to your network, the switch disables
the MSS DHCP server, if the switch detects another DHCP server on the
network. If the network does not have a DCHP server, the switch’s DHCP
server remains enabled and will offer IP addresses in the 192.168.100.x
subnet in response to DHCP Requests.
Accessing the Web
Quick Start
To access the Web Quick Start:
1 Use a Category 5 (Cat 5) or higher Ethernet cable to connect the switch
directly to a PC that has a web browser.
2 Connect the switch to an AC power source.
If the green power LED is lit, the switch is receiving power.
If you are configuring a WXR100, do not press the factory reset switch
during power on. Pressing this switch on an unconfigured switch causes
the switch to attempt to contact a 3Com Wireless Switch Manager server
instead of displaying the Web Quick Start. (Other switch models also have
reset switches, but the reset switch simply restarts these other models
without clearing the configuration.)
3 Enable the PC’s NIC that is connected to the switch, if not already
4 Verify that the NIC is configured to use DHCP to obtain its IP address.
You will not be able to access the Web Quick Start if the IP address of the
NIC is statically configured.
5 Use a web browser to access IP address