3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

MAP radios automatically scan the RF spectrum for other devices
transmitting in the same spectrum. The RF scans discover third-party
transmitters in addition to other 3Com radios. MSS considers the
unknown transmitters to be devices of interest, which are potential
Overview You can display information about the devices of interest. To identify
friendly devices, such as unknown access points in your network or
neighbor’s network, you can add them to the known devices list. You also
can enable countermeasures to prevent clients from using the devices
that truly are rogues.
With 3Com Wireless Switch Manager, you also can display the physical
location of a rogue device. (For more information, see the Wireless Switch
Manager Reference Manual.)
About Rogues and
RF Detection
RF detection detects all the IEEE 802.11 devices in a Mobility Domain and
can single out the unauthorized rogue access points.
Rogue Access Points
and Clients
A rogue access point is an access point that is not authorized to operate
in a network. Rogue access points and their clients undermine the
security of an enterprise network by potentially allowing unchallenged
access to the network by any wireless user or client in the physical vicinity.
Rogue access points and users can also interfere with the operation of
your enterprise network.