3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

authorization, and
See AAA.
The ability of a user (client) authenticated via Extensible Authentication
Protocol (EAP) — plus an appropriate subprotocol and back-end
authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) service — to roam
to different access points (APs) without reauthentication.
authentication server An entity that provides an authentication service to an authenticator.
From the credentials provided by a client (or supplicant), the
authentication service determines whether the supplicant is authorized
to access the services of the authenticator. In a 3Com Mobility System,
one or more RADIUS servers can act as authentication servers.
authenticator A device that authenticates a client. In a 3Com Mobility System, the
authenticator is a Wireless Switch (WX).
baseline association
A value set in 3Com Wireless Switch Manager (3WXM) to help plan
Managed Access Point (MAP) coverage in a network. The baseline
association rate is the average data transmission rate at which you
want typical mobile clients in the coverage area to associate with the
access point(s).
basic service set See BSS.
basic service set
bias The priority of one Wireless Switch (WX) over other WX switches for
booting, configuring, and providing data transfer for a Managed Access
Point (MAP). Bias can be set to either low or high on each WX switch
and is high by default. Bias applies only to WX switches that are
indirectly attached to the MAP through an intermediate Layer 2 or
Layer 3 network. A MAP always attempts to boot on MAP port 1 first,
and if the MAP is directly attached to a WX switch on MAP port 1, the
MAP uses the directly attached WX switch to boot from regardless of
the bias settings. See also dual-homed connection.
BSS Basic service set. A set of wireless stations that communicate with one
another through an access point (AP).