3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Mapping Security ACLs 390
Mapping User-Based Security ACLs 390
Mapping Security ACLs to Ports, VLANs, Virtual Ports, or Distributed
MAPs 392
Modifying a Security ACL 394
Adding Another ACE to a Security ACL 394
Placing One ACE before Another 395
Modifying an Existing Security ACL 396
Clearing Security ACLs from the Edit Buffer 397
Using ACLs to Change CoS 399
Filtering Based on DSCP Values 399
Enabling Prioritization for Legacy Voice over IP 401
General Guidelines 402
Enabling VoIP Support for TeleSym VoIP 403
Enabling SVP Optimization for SpectraLink Phones 404
Restricting Client-To-Client Forwarding Among IP-Only Clients 409
Security ACL Configuration Scenario 410
Why Use Keys and Certificates? 413
Wireless Security through TLS 414
PEAP-MS-CHAP-V2 Security 414
About Keys and Certificates 415
Public Key Infrastructures 416
Public and Private Keys 416
Digital Certificates 416
PKCS #7, PKCS #10, and PKCS #12 Object Files 417
Certificates Automatically Generated by MSS 418
Creating Keys and Certificates 419
Choosing the Appropriate Certificate Installation Method for Your
Network 420
Creating Public-Private Key Pairs 421
Generating Self-Signed Certificates 422
Installing a Key Pair and Certificate from a PKCS #12 Object File 423
Creating a CSR and Installing a Certificate from a PKCS #7 Object
File 424
Installing a CA’s Own Certificate 425
Displaying Certificate and Key Information 426