3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Spanning Tree Configuration Scenario 365
Other port specific info
dynamic max age transition 0
port BPDU ok count 21825
msg age expiry count 0
link loading 0
BPDU in processing FALSE
num of similar BPDU's to process 0
received_inferior_bpdu FALSE
next state 0
src MAC count 21807
total src MAC count 21825
curr_src_mac 00-0b-0e-00-04-30
next_src_mac 00-0b-0e-02-76-f6
(For information about the fields in the output, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
Clearing STP Statistics To clear the STP statistics counters, use the following command.
clear spantree statistics port-list [vlan vlan-id]
As soon as you enter the command, MSS resets the STP counters for the
specified ports or VLANs to 0. The software then begins incrementing the
counters again.
Spanning Tree
This scenario configures a VLAN named backbone for a WX switch's
connections to the network backbone, adds ports 1 and 2 to the VLAN,
and enables STP on the VLAN to prevent loops.
1 Remove the network cables from ports 21 and 22 or use MSS to disable
the ports. This prevents a loop until you complete the STP configuration.
To disable the ports and verify the results, type the following commands:
WX1200# set port disable 1-2
success: set "disable" on port 1-2
WX1200# display port status
Port Name Admin Oper Config Actual Type Media
1 down down auto network
2 down down auto network
3 up down auto network 10/100BaseTx
4 up down auto network 10/100BaseTx
5 up down auto network 10/100BaseTx
6 up down auto network 10/100BaseTx