3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Remotely Monitoring Traffic 643
Enabling or Disabling
a Snoop Filter
A snoop filter does not take effect until you enable it. To enable or disable
a snoop filter, use the following command:
set snoop {filter-name | all}
mode {enable | disable}
The filter operates until you manually disable it.
The filter mode is retained even if you disable and reenable the radio, or
restart the MAP or the WX switch. Once the filter is enabled, you must
use the disable option to disable it.
The following command enables snoop filter snoop1:
WX# set snoop snoop1 mode enable
success: filter 'snoop1' enabled
Displaying Remote
Traffic Monitoring
The MAP collects statistics for packets that match the enabled snoop
filters mapped to its radios. The MAP retains statistics for a snoop filter
until the filter is changed or disabled. The MAP then clears the statistics.
To display statistics for packets matching a snoop filter, use the following
display snoop stats [filter-name [apnumber [radio {1 | 2}]]]
The following command shows statistics for snoop filter snoop1:
WX# display snoop stats snoop1
Filter Ap Radio Rx Match Tx Match Dropped
snoop1 3 1 96 4 0
Preparing an
Observer and
Capturing Traffic
To observe monitored traffic, install the following applications on the
Ethereal or Tethereal Version 0.10.8 or later
Netcat (any version), if not already installed
Ethereal and Tethereal decode 802.11 packets embedded in TZSP without
any configuration.