3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

MSS has a DHCP server that the switch uses to allocate IP addresses to
the following:
Directly connected MAPs
Host connected to a new (unconfigured) WXR100, to configure the
switch using the Web Quick Start
DHCP service for these items is enabled by default.
Optionally, you can configure the DHCP server to also provide IP
addresses to Distributed MAPs and to clients.
Configuration is supported on an individual VLAN basis. When you
configure the DHCP server on a VLAN, the server can serve addresses only
from the subnet that contains the host address assigned to the VLAN. By
default, the VLAN can serve any unused address in the subnet except the
VLAN’s host address and the network and broadcast addresses. You can
specify the address range.
You can configure the DHCP server on more than one VLAN. You can
configure a DHCP client and DHCP server on the same VLAN, but only the
client or the server can be enabled. The DHCP client and DHCP server
cannot both be enabled on the same VLAN at the same time.
The MSS DHCP server is implemented according to “RFC 2131: Dynamic
Host Configuration Protocol” and “RFC 2132: DHCP Options and BOOTP
Vendor Extensions”, with the following exceptions:
If the switch is powered down or restarted, MSS does not retain
address allocations or lease times.
The MSS DHCP server will not operate properly when another DHCP
server is present on the same subnet.