3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Changing the Maximum Transmit Threshold The maximum
transmission threshold specifies the number of milliseconds a frame
scheduled to be transmitted by a radio can remain in buffer memory. To
change the maximum transmit lifetime, use the following command:
set radio-profile name max-tx-lifetime time
The time can be from 500 ms (0.5 second) through 250,000 ms
(250 seconds). The default is 2000 ms (2 seconds).
To change the maximum transmit threshold for radio profile rp1 to
4000 ms, type the following command:
WX1200# set radio-profile rp1 max-tx-lifetime 4000
success: change accepted.
Changing the Preamble Length By default, 802.11b/g radios
advertise support for frames with short preambles and can support
frames with short or long preambles.
An 802.11b/g radio generates unicast frames to send to a client with the
preamble length specified by the client. An 802.11b/g radio always uses a
long preamble in beacons, probe responses, and other broadcast or
multicast traffic.
Generally, clients assume access points require long preambles and
request to use short preambles only if the access point with which they
are associated advertises support for short preambles. You can disable
the advertisement of support for short preambles by setting the preamble
length value to long. In this case, clients assume that the access point
supports long preambles only and the clients request long preambles.
Changing the preamble length value affects only the support advertised
by the radio. Regardless of the preamble length setting (short or long),
an 802.11b/g radio accepts and can generate 802.11b/g frames with
either short or long preambles.
If any client associated with an 802.11b/g radio uses long preambles for
unicast traffic, the MAP still accepts frames with short preambles but
does not transmit any frames with short preambles. This change also
occurs if the access point overhears a beacon from an 802.11b/g radio on
another access point that indicates the radio has clients that require long