3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

cryptography The science of information security. Modern cryptography is typically
concerned with the processes of scrambling ordinary text (known as
plain text or clear text) into encrypted text at the sender’s end of a
connection, and decrypting the encrypted text back into clear text at
the receiver’s end. Because its security is independent of the channels
through which the text passes, cryptography is the only way of
protecting communications over channels that are not under the user’s
control. The goals of cryptography are confidentiality, integrity,
nonrepudiation, and authentication. The encrypted information cannot
be understood by anyone for whom it is not intended, or altered in
storage or transmission without the alteration being detected. The
sender cannot later deny the creation or transmission of the
information, and the sender and receiver can confirm each other’s
identity and the information’s origin and destination.
CSR Certificate Signing Request. A message sent by an administrator to
request a security certificate from a certificate authority (CA). A CSR is
a text string formatted by Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) protocol
according to Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) #10. The CSR
contains the information needed by the certificate authority to generate
the certificate.
CSV file Comma-separated values file. A text file that displays tabular data in a
comma-delimited format, as a list of rows in which each column’s value
is separated from the next by a comma. A CSV file is useful for
transferring data between database applications.
cyclic redundancy
See CRC.
dBm Decibels referred to 1 milliwatt (mW). A measurement of relative power
related to 1 mW. For example, 20 dBm corresponds to 10
20 dBm/10
100 mW.
decibels referred to
1 milliwatt (mW).
See dBm.
Data Encryption
See DES.
delivery traffic
indication map