3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring Local Packet Switching on MAPs 253
Configuring Local
Configuring a MAP to perform local switching consists of the following
Configuring a VLAN profile for the MAP, which specifies the VLANs
that are
to be locally switched
Enabling local switching on the MAP
Applying the VLAN profile to the MAP
In addition, the VLAN profile can be cleared from the MAP, or removed
from the WX switch.
Configuring a VLAN Profile
A VLAN profile consists of a list of VLANs and tags. When a VLAN profile
is applied to a MAP, traffic for the VLANs specified in the VLAN profile is
locally switched by the MAP instead of being tunneled back to a WX
To add VLANs to a VLAN profile, use the following command:
set vlan-profile profile-name vlan vlan-name [tag tag-value]
You enter a separate set vlan-profile command for each VLAN you
want to add to the VLAN profile. A VLAN profile can contain up to 128
entries. When the optional tag-value is set, it is used as the 802.1Q tag
for the VLAN.
To add an entry for VLAN red to VLAN profile locals, type the following
WX# set vlan-profile locals vlan red
success: change accepted.
Enabling Local Switching on a MAP
To enable local switching for a specified MAP, use the following
set ap apnumber local-switching mode {enable | disable}
Local switching can be enabled on MAPs that are connected to the WX
switch via
an intermediate Layer 2 or Layer 3 network. Local switching
is not supported for MAPs that are directly connected to a WX.