3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Network User Configuration Scenarios 513
5 Create a Mobility Profile called tulip by typing the following commands:
WX1200# set mobility-profile name tulip port 2,5
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set mobility-profile mode enable
success: change accepted.
WX1200# display mobility-profile
Mobility Profiles
Name Ports
AP 2
AP 5
6 To assign Mobility Profile tulip to all users at EXAMPLE, type the following
command for each EXAMPLE\ user:
WX1200# set user EXAMPLE\username attr mobility-profile tulip
Users at EXAMPLE are now restricted to ports 2 and 5, as specified in the
tulip Mobility Profile configuration.
7 Use the display aaa command to verify your configuration. Type the
following command:
WX1200# display aaa
Default Values
authport=1812 acctport=1813 timeout=5 acct-timeout=5
retrans=3 deadtime=0 key=(null) author-pass=(null)
Radius Servers
Server Addr Ports T/o Tries Dead State
Web Portal:
set accounting dot1x ssid mycorp EXAMPLE\* stop-only local
set authentication dot1x ssid mycorp EXAMPLE\* pass-through shorebirds
user tech
Password = 1315021018 (encrypted)
user EXAMPLE/nin
filter-id = acl.101.in
mobility-profile = tulip
user EXAMPLE/tamara
filter-id = acl.101.in
mobility-profile = tulip