3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

If you type anything to the console, the typing disables log output to
the console until you press the Enter key.
Logging Messages to a Syslog Server
To send event messages to a syslog server, use the following command:
set log server ip-addr [port port-number] severity
severity-level [local-facility facility-level]
Use the IP address of the syslog server to which you want messages sent.
(See Table 54 on page 624 for information about severity levels.)
By default, MSS uses TCP port 514 for sending messages to the syslog
server. You can use the optional port keyword to specify a different port
for syslog messages. You can specify a number from 1 to 65535.
Use the optional local-facility keyword to override the default MSS
facility numbers and replace them with one local facility number. Use the
numbers 0 through 7 to map MSS event messages to one of the standard
local log facilities local0 through local7 specified by RFC 3164.
If you do not specify a local facility, MSS sends the messages with their
default MSS facilities. For example, AAA messages are sent with facility 4
and boot messages are sent with facility 20 by default.
For example, the following command sends all error-level event messages
generated by a WX to a server at IP address and
identifies them as facility 5 messages:
WX1200# set log server severity error
local-facility 5
success: change accepted.
To stop sending log messages to a syslog server, use the following
clear log server ip-addr
Setting Telnet Session Defaults
Session logging is disabled by default, and the event level is set to
information (info) or higher. To enable event logging to Telnet sessions
and change the default event severity level, use the following command:
set log sessions severity severity-level enable
(For information on severity levels, see Table 54 on page 624.)