3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

First-Time Configuration via the Console 55
Configuration via
the Console
Administrators must initially configure the WX switch with a computer or
terminal connected to the WX console port through a serial cable. Telnet
access is not initially enabled.
To configure a previously unconfigured WX switch via the console, you
must complete the following tasks:
Enable an administrator. (See “Enabling an Administrator” on
page 55.)
Configure authentication. (See “Authenticating at the Console” on
page 57.)
Optionally, configure accounting. (see “Configuring Accounting for
Administrative Users” on page 59.)
Save the configuration. (See “Saving the Configuration” on page 61.)
Enabling an
To enable yourself as an administrator, you must log in to the WX switch
from the console. Until you set the enable password and configure
authentication, the default username and password are blank. Press Enter
when prompted for them.
To enable an administrator:
1 Log in to the WX switch from the serial console, and press Enter when
the WX switch displays a username prompt:
2 Press Enter when the WX switch displays a password prompt.
3 Type enable to go into enabled mode.
WX1200> enable
4 Press Enter to display an enabled-mode command prompt:
Once you see this prompt after you have typed the enable command,
you have administrative privileges, which allow you to further configure
the WX switch.