3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Disabling or
Reenabling Active
When active scanning is enabled, the MAP radios managed by the switch
look for rogue devices by sending probe any frames (probes with a null
SSID name), to solicit probe responses from other APs.
Active scan is enabled by default. You can disable or reenable the feature
on an individual radio profile basis. To disable or reenable active scan on a
radio profile, use the following command:
set radio-profile name active-scan {enable | disable}
The following command disables active scan in radio profile radprof3:
WX1200# set radio-profile radprof3 active-scan disable
success: change accepted.
Enabling MAP
A MAP signature is a set of bits in a management frame sent by a MAP
that identifies that MAP to MSS. If someone attempts to spoof
management packets from a 3Com MAP, MSS can detect the spoof
MAP signatures are disabled by default. To enable or disable them, use
the following command:
set rfdetect signature {enable | disable}
The command applies only to MAPs managed by the WX switch on
which you enter the command. To enable signatures on all MAPs in a
Mobility Domain, enter the command on each WX switch in the Mobility
You must use the same MAP signature setting (enabled or disabled) on all
WX switches in a Mobility Domain.