3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying and
Clearing Network
Use the following command to display information about network
display sessions network
[user user-glob | mac-addr mac-addr-glob | ssid ssid-name
vlan vlan-glob | session-id session-id | wired] [verbose]
In most cases, you can display both summary and detailed (verbose)
information for a session. For example, the following command displays
summary information about all current network sessions:
WX1200# display sessions network
User Sess IP or MAC VLAN Port/
Name ID Address Name Radio
------------------------------ ---- ----------------- --------------- -----
EXAMPLE\wong 5* vlan-eng 3/1
jose@example.com 5125* vlan-eng 1/1
00:30:65:16:8d:69 4385* vlan-wep 3/1
761 00:0b:be:15:46:56 (none) 1/2
763 00:02:2d:02:10:f5 (none) 1/1
5 sessions total
An asterisk (*) in the Sess ID field indicates a session that is currently
active. (For more information about the fields in the output, see the
Wireless LAN Switch and Controller Command Reference.)
(For information about getting detailed output, see “Displaying Verbose
Network Session Information” on page 561.)
You can display and clear network sessions in the following ways:
By the name of the user. (See “Displaying and Clearing Network
Sessions by Username” on page 562.)
By the MAC address of the user. (See “Displaying and Clearing
Network Sessions by MAC Address” on page 563.)
By the name of the VLAN to which the user belongs. (See “Displaying
and Clearing Network Sessions by VLAN Name” on page 563.)
By the local session ID. (See “Displaying and Clearing Network
Sessions by Session ID” on page 564.)
Authorization attribute values can be changed during authorization. If
the values are changed, display sessions output shows the values that
are actually in effect following any changes.