3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 233
Fingerprint Log Message
If MAP encryption is optional, and a MAP whose fingerprint has not been
verified in MSS establishes a management session with the WX, MSS
generates a log message such as the following:
AP-HS:(secure optional)configure AP M9DE48B012F00 with
fingerprint c6:98:9c:41:32:ab:37:09:7e:93:79:a4:ca:dc:ec:fb
The message lists the serial number and fingerprint of the MAP. You can
check this information against your records to verify that the MAP is
Configuring a Service
A service profile is a set of parameters that control advertisement
(beaconing) and encryption for an SSID, as well as default authorization
attributes that apply to users accessing the SSID.
This section describes how to create a service profile and set some basic
SSID parameters. To configure other service profile parameters, see the
Chapter 13, “Configuring User Encryption,” on page 281.
Chapter 15, “Configuring Quality of Service” on page 327
“Configuring the Web Portal WebAAA Session Timeout Period” on
page 477
“Assigning SSID Default Attributes to a Service Profile” on page 493.
Chapter 24, “Configuring SODA Endpoint Security for a WX Switch,”
on page 543
(For a list of the parameters controlled by service profiles and their
defaults, see Table 10 on page 202.)
(To display service profile settings, see “Displaying Service Profile
Information” on page 259.)
Creating a Service Profile
To create a service profile and assign an SSID to it, use the following
set service-profile name ssid-name ssid-name
An SSID can be up to 32 alphanumeric characters long.