3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

This chapter describes the methods you can use to configure a WX
switch, and refers you to information for each method. Depending on
your configuration needs, you can use one or a combination of these
For easy installation, use one of the quick-start methods described in this
chapter instead of using the CLI instructions in later chapters in the manual.
Overview MSS provides the following quick-start methods for new (unconfigured)
Web Quick Start (WXR100, WX1200, and WX2200)
CLI quickstart command
You can use either quick-start method to configure a switch to provide
wireless service. You also can use any of the following management
applications to configure a new switch or to continue configuration of a
partially configured switch:
3Com Wireless Switch Manager
Web Manager
Quick Starts The Web Quick Start enables you to easily configure a WXR100, WX1200
or WX2200 switch to provide wireless access to up to 10 users. The Web
Quick Start is accessible only on unconfigured WXR100, WX1200 or
WX2200 switches. The interface is not available on other switch models or
on any switch that is already configured.
The quickstart command enables you to configure a WXR100 switch to
provide wireless access to any number of users.