3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

A Mobility Domain is a system of WX switches and managed access
points (MAPs) working together to support roaming wireless users
(clients). Tunnels and virtual ports between the WX switches in a Mobility
Domain allow users to roam without any disruption to network
About the Mobility
Domain Feature
A Mobility Domain enables users to roam geographically across the
system while maintaining their data sessions and VLAN or subnet
membership, including IP address, regardless of how the WX switches are
attached to the network backbone. As users move from one area of a
building or campus to another, their association with servers or other
resources appears the same.
When users access a WX switch in a Mobility Domain, they become
members of the VLAN designated through their authorized identity. If a
user’s native VLAN is not present on the WX that he or she accesses, the
accessed WX forms a tunnel to a WX in the Mobility Domain that
includes the native VLAN.
In a Mobility Domain, one WX switch acts as a seed device, which
distributes information to the WX switches defined in the Mobility
Domain. Otherwise, the seed WX switch operates like any other Mobility
Domain member.
(If your Mobility Domain uses firewalls or access controls between WX
switches or AAA servers, see “Traffic Ports Used by MSS” on page 661
for the ports typically used in a Mobility Domain.)
3Com recommends that you run the same MSS version on all the WX
switches in a Mobility Domain.