3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Type-of-service level is 12 (minimum delay plus maximum throughput).
Precedence is 7 (network control).
WX1200# set security acl ip acl-3 permit icmp type 11 code 0 precedence 7
tos 12 before 1 hits
The before 1 portion of the ACE places it before any others in the ACL,
so it has precedence over any later ACEs for any parameter settings that
are met.
For more information about changing the order of ACEs or otherwise
modifying security ACLs, see “Modifying a Security ACL” on page 394.
For information about TOS and precedence levels, see the Wireless LAN
Switch and Controller Command Reference. For CoS details, see “Class of
Service” on page 382.
ICMP includes many messages that are identified by a type field. Some
also have a code within that type. Table 32 lists some common ICMP
types and codes. For more information, see
Table 32 Common ICMP Message Types and Codes
ICMP Message Type (Number) ICMP Message Code (Number)
Echo Reply (0) None
Destination Unreachable (3) Network Unreachable (0)
Host Unreachable (1)
Protocol Unreachable (2)
Port Unreachable (3)
Fragmentation Needed (4)
Source Route Failed (5)
Source Quench (4) None
Redirect (5) Network Redirect (0)
Host Redirect (1)
Type of Service (TOS) and Network Redirect
TOS and Host Redirect (3)
Echo (8) None