3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

“Globs” and Groups
for Network User
“Globbing” lets you classify users by username or MAC address for
different AAA treatments. A user glob is a string used by AAA and IEEE
802.1X or WebAAA methods to match a user or set of users. MAC
address globs match authentication methods to a MAC address or set of
MAC addresses. User globs and MAC address globs can make use of
wildcards. For details, see “User Globs, MAC Address Globs, and VLAN
Globs” on page 30.
A user group is a named collection of users or MAC addresses sharing a
common authorization policy. For example, you might group all users on
the first floor of building 17 into the group bldg-17-1st-floor, or group all
users in the IT group into the group infotech-people.
Wildcard “Any” for SSID Matching
Authentication rules for wireless access include the SSID name, and must
match on the SSID name requested by the user for MSS to attempt to
authenticate the user for that SSID. To make an authentication rule
match an any SSID string, specify the SSID name as any in the rule.
AAA Methods for
IEEE 802.1X and Web
Network Access
The following AAA methods are supported by 3Com for 802.1X and
Web network access mode:
Client certificates issued by a certificate authority (CA) for
(For this method, you assign an authentication protocol to a user. For
protocol details, see “IEEE 802.1X Extensible Authentication Protocol
Types” on page 446.)
The WX local database of usernames and user groups for
(For configuration details, see “Adding and Clearing Local Users for
Administrative Access” on page 59, “Authenticating via a Local
Database” on page 450, and “Adding and Clearing MAC Users and
User Groups Locally” on page 456.)
A named group of RADIUS servers. The WX switch supports up to four
server groups, which can each contain between one and four servers.
(For server group details, see “Configuring RADIUS Server Groups” on
page 524.)