3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Logging to the Log Buffer
The system log consists of rolling entries stored as a last-in first-out queue
maintained by the WX. Logging to the buffer is enabled by default for
events at the error level and higher.
To modify settings to another severity level, use the following command:
set log buffer severity severity-level
For example, to set logging to the buffer for events at the warning level
and higher, type the following command:
WX1200# set log buffer severity warning
success: change accepted.
To view log entries in the system log buffer, use the following command:
display log buffer [{+|-} number-of-messages]
[facility facility-name] [matching string]
[severity severity-level]
You can display the most recent messages or the oldest messages:
Type a positive number (for example, +100) to display that number of
log entries starting from the oldest in the log.
Type a negative number (for example, -100) to display that number of
log entries starting from the newest in the log.
You can search for strings by using the keyword matching and typing
any string, such as a username or IP address.
You can display event information at a particular severity level. (See
Table 54 on page 624 for information on severity levels.)
For example, the following command displays all messages at the error
severity level or higher:
WX1200# display log buffer severity error
SYS Jun 02 17:41:35. 176214 ERROR nos_vms_port?add:
Failed to set default vlan v1 an:4096 for port 3 rc 1