3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

U-NII Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure. Three unlicensed
frequency bands of 100 MHz each in the 5 GHz band, designated by
the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide
high-speed wireless networking. The three frequency bands —
5.15 GHz through 5.25 GHz (for indoor use only), 5.25 GHz through
5.35 GHz, and 5.725 GHz through 5.825 GHz — were allocated in
Unlicensed National
See U-NII.
user A person who uses a client. In a 3Com Mobility System, users are
indexed by username and associated with authorization attributes such
as user group membership.
user glob A 3Com convention for matching fully qualified structured usernames
or sets of usernames during authentication by means of known
characters plus two special “wildcard” characters. Double asterisks (**)
represent all usernames. A single asterisk (*) can appear either before
or after the delimiter in a user glob and can represent any number of
characters up to the next delimiter. A delimiter can be an at (@) sign or
a dot (.). See also MAC address glob; VLAN glob.
user group A collection of users with the same authorization attributes.
See VSA.
virtual LAN See VLAN.
VLAN Virtual LAN. A set of ports that share a single Layer 2 network. Because
the ports that constitute a VLAN can be on a single network device or
multiple devices, VLANs enable you to partition a physical network into
logical networks that meet the needs of your organization. You can
divide a single device into multiple logical Layer 2 switches, with each
VLAN operating as a separate switch, or make multiple devices
members of multiple logical Layer 2 networks. By default, all Wireless
Switch (WX) ports are members of VLAN 1, which is named default.