3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring WX-WX Security 158
Monitoring the VLANs and Tunnels in a Mobility Domain 159
Displaying Roaming Stations 159
Displaying Roaming VLANs and Their Affinities 160
Displaying Tunnel Information 160
Understanding the Sessions of Roaming Users 161
Requirements for Roaming to Succeed 161
Effects of Timers on Roaming 162
Monitoring Roaming Sessions 162
Mobility Domain Scenario 163
About the Network Domain Feature 165
Network Domain Seed Affinity 168
Configuring a Network Domain 169
Configuring Network Domain Seeds 169
Specifying Network Domain Seed Peers 170
Configuring Network Domain Members 171
Displaying Network Domain Information 172
Clearing Network Domain Configuration from a WX Switch 173
Clearing a Network Domain Seed from a WX Switch 173
Clearing a Network Domain Peer from a Network Domain Seed 173
Clearing Network Domain Seed or Member Configuration from a WX
Switch 173
Network Domain Scenario 174
MAP Overview 177
Country of Operation 179
Directly Connected MAPs and Distributed MAPs 179
Boot Process for Distributed MAPs 189
Contacting a WX Switch 190
Loading and Activating an Operational Image 195
Obtaining Configuration Information from the WX Switch 195
Service Profiles 202
Radio Profiles 209