3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Command Prompts By default, the MSS CLI provides the following prompt for restricted
users. The mmmm portion shows the WX model number (for example,
1200) and the nnnnnn portion shows the last 6 digits of the WX media
access control (MAC) address.
After you become enabled as an administrative user by typing enable
and supplying a suitable password, MSS displays the following prompt:
For information about changing the CLI prompt on a WX, see the set
prompt command description in the Wireless LAN Switch and Controller
Command Reference.
Syntax Notation The MSS CLI uses standard syntax notation:
Bold monospace font identifies the command and keywords you must
type. For example:
set enablepass
Italic monospace font indicates a placeholder for a value. For example,
you replace vlan-id in the following command with a virtual LAN
clear interface vlan-id ip
Curly brackets ({ }) indicate a mandatory parameter, and square
brackets ([ ]) indicate an optional parameter. For example, you must
enter dynamic or port and a port list in the following command, but
a VLAN ID is optional:
clear fdb {dynamic | port port-list} [vlan vlan-id]
A vertical bar (|) separates mutually exclusive options within a list of
possibilities. For example, you enter either enable or disable, not
both, in the following command:
set port {enable | disable} port-list
Text Entry
Conventions and
Allowed Characters
Unless otherwise indicated, the MSS CLI accepts standard ASCII
alphanumeric characters, except for tabs and spaces, and is