3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring and Managing Ports 75
For the serial-id parameter, specify the serial ID of the MAP. The serial ID
is listed on the MAP case. To display the serial ID using the CLI, use the
display version details command.
The model and radiotype parameters have the same options as they do
with the set port type ap command. Because the WX does not supply
power to an indirectly connected MAP, the set ap command does not
use the poe parameter.
To configure a connection for MAP 1, which is a MAP model MP-372
with serial-ID 0322199999, type the following command:
WX# set ap 1 serial-id 0322199999 model mp-372
success: change accepted.
Setting a Port for a Wired Authentication User
To set a port for a wired authentication user, use the following command:
set port type wired-auth port-list [tag tag-list]
[max-sessions num]
You must specify a port list. Optionally, you also can specify a tag-list to
subdivide the port into virtual ports, and set the maximum number of
simultaneous user sessions that can be active on the port. By default, one
user session can be active on the port at a time.
The fallthru authentication type is used if the user does not support
802.1X and is not authenticated by MAC authentication. The default is
none, which means the user is automatically denied access if neither
802.1X authentication or MAC authentication is successful.
To set port 17 as a wired authentication port, type the following
WX1200# set port type wired-auth 7
success: change accepted
Table 7 Valid dap-num Values
Switch Model Valid Range
WX4400 1 to 300
WX1200 1 to 30
WXR100 1 to 8
WX2200 1 to 320