3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

DAPConnectWarningTraps—generated when a Distributed MAP
whose fingerprint has not been configured in MSS establishes a
management session with the switch.
DeviceFailTraps—Generated when an event with an Alert severity
DeviceOkayTraps—Generated when a device returns to its normal
LinkDownTraps—Generated when the link is lost on a port.
LinkUpTraps—Generated when the link is detected on a port.
MichaelMICFailureTraps—Generated when two Michael message
integrity code (MIC) failures occur within 60 seconds, triggering Wi-Fi
Protected Access (WPA) countermeasures.
MobilityDomainJoinTraps—Generated when the WX switch is
initially able to contact a mobility domain seed member, or can
contact the seed member after a timeout.
MobilityDomainTimeoutTraps—Generated when a timeout occurs
after a WX switch has unsuccessfully tried to communicate with a
seed member.
PoEFailTraps—Generated when a serious PoE problem, such as a
short circuit, occurs.
RFDetectAdhocUserTraps—Generated when MSS detects an ad-hoc
RFDetectRogueAPTraps—Generated when MS detects a rogue
access point.
RFDetectRogueDisappearTraps—Generated when a rogue access
point is no longer being detected.
RFDetectClientViaRogueWiredAPTraps—Generated when MSS
detects, on the wired part of the network, the MAC address of a
wireless client associated with a third-party AP.
RFDetectDoSPortTraps—Generated when MSS detects an associate
request flood, reassociate request flood, or disassociate request flood.
RFDetectDoSTraps—Generated when MSS detects a DoS attack
other than an associate request flood, reassociate request flood, or
disassociate request flood.
RFDetectInterferingRogueAPTraps—Generated when an
interfering device is detected.